Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Breaking All the Rules #edtech

Normally, if I find a site worth sharing that is in beta testing and I have to wait for an account, I won't review it until I have that account.  Additionally, if it is not a site with a free option for educators, I avoid it completely.  But, I'm so excited to share Piktochart with you tonight that I am breaking all the rules! We've all seen the amazing infographics that are out there right?  We'll unless you are a graphic designer would you feel comfortable building your own?  I know I wouldn't!  Well, I'm hoping Piktochart will be the answer to this dilemma.  With a drag and drop interface, 20 ways to visualize data (including an "intelligent Chart Wizard" to help determine what is possible based on your data) and even animate the infographic! I looked at the two levels of paid options and while Piktochart does not currently have the associated prices it looks like they have a pay per infographic option.  You get one free inforgraphic just for creating an account with Piktochart and that is certainly worth the price of admission. Hopefully, I get my account soon and this post will help convince the developers to come up with an educational option.
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