Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What ifttt? #edtech

Day 2 of a bad migraine (which is why there was no post yesterday - yes, I owe another double day) and this post will be fairly short.  However, I did receive my invitation to ifttt today and wanted to tell you a bit about it.  ifttt is based on logic for the web. ifttt has what seems like two simple components, if this (and you can select events for everything from YouTube, to Yahoo Stocks, Gmail, Instagram, RSS, DropBox and 29 others) and then that (picking again from over 30 options) to create automated tasks based on your activities on the web.  Let's say you want to add a post to your Tumblr account every time you favorite a YouTube video.  ifttt can make that happen automatically. ifttt seems to be a very powerful tool with a lot of potential - but for now I need to bury my head under a pillow and try and sleep off this pain.
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