Saturday, August 27, 2011

Record WebVideo Online #edtech

I'm cheating a bit tonight and am covering a site that I mentioned in passing during the first month of this project.  But, with good reason.  Some days ago I had promised my good friend @tomgrissom that I would get back to him with a utility that you could use to record video with your webcam (it didn't matter if it was a local application or one online).  I had initially mentioned Jaycut.  That online video editing tool allowed you to record video from your webcam. Sadly, they are now closed to new user accounts.  I couldn't remember the name of a utility that I had used in the past that could be downloaded and installed to record similar video clips.  That utility was SuperWebCam and is also no longer available. Which is why I didn't get back to Tom sooner.
But, I had not forgotten that conversation.
So, I know it's a few days late, but Tom (or anyone else for that matter) may want to give Viddler a try.  Viddler like Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube allows you to upload, share and later download your own videos.  They also allow you to pull up your webcam and record your video directly to their servers (of course you have the control to download it later).  You also have control over the design of your player that you can embed into websites using designs they call vidgets.  But here's where it gets extremely powerful, you can add comments, tags or even video comments to your own videos (similar to the way ads pop-up on other video sites).  And with a few simple setting changes, allow others to do the same.  It's truly a social video sharing tool! In their paid version you can even add your own watermarks and select which advertisements appear on your videos, helping you earn some revenue from your videos.
Viddler definitely deserved it's own post and not just a quick mention in passing within another post.
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