Saturday, August 13, 2011

Judge the Strength of Your Online Presence #edtech

One of my sessions at IETC this year, deals with building a strong PLN.  Part of the process is evaluating your footprint on the web.  Your online presence is a vital part of who you are in today's society.  Tonight I came across MyWebCareer that ties into your LinkedIn, Facebook,  Twitter and Quora accounts.  Once you ave authorized access to those accounts MyWebCareer performs some type of data scrapping and runs algorithms to generate a "Social Score".  This is based on a combination of how "well connected and respected" you are within your networks, your profiles and posts and finally your general Internet Search Footprint.  Personally, my social score is 679 - well above average but no where near where I want to be.  Fortunately, MyWebCareer makes suggestions about how you can increase you score.  Another thing I like about MyWebCareer is the graphical map that shows how your companies and people interact.  It's fascinating to look at the six degrees of separation you have with a number of people.  After spending a few hours at MyWebCareer, I feel comfortable recommending it as a resource to will assist you in building a strong web presence.

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