Friday, August 26, 2011

I May Have Forgotten How to Smile #edtech

The first week of any school year is hectic.  But when you're rolling out Windows 7 and replacing Novell with Active Directory - whoo boy! I'm one tired individual and I think for a split second today I actually forgot how to smile.  Fortunately for Fun Friday I thought I'd share a site called HowtoSmile.  HowtoSmile is a repository / community of  over 2040 Math and Science activities.  I say it's a community because every user has an opportunity to create a profile and build lists of activities they find useful at the site to share with other users.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like many people are taking advantage of this feature yet.  HowtoSmile has a great search engine that let's you search for activities that are well laid out.  Some of the listed activities are linked to online games and interactives.  Others are simply directions and lesson plans for hand-on in classroom activities. So, what are you waiting for - go learn HowtoSmile (all except @JenWagner - we all know, she never forgets how to do that!)
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