Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get Organized and Connected #edtech

I've been focusing a lot lately on the fact that it is the beginning of the school year for many of us.  And if you haven't already, now is the time to get organized.  I have Jerry Swiatek to thank for tonight's tool.  If you are not familiar with Jerry, make sure you find and follow him on any social network you can.  Speaking with Jerry at FETC the past two years has been one of the major highlights of that conference for me.  O.K., enough name dropping - tonight's tool is Lessonopoly.
Lessonopoly is a great online community for sharing and organizing lesson plans.  The first thing you will want to do at Lessonopoly is familiarize yourself with their lesson planning search engine.  And if you read this blog, you know, I'm going to tell you to click the advanced search options. You can then search by "subject, grade, keywords or author" Additionally, there is an option to search for lesson plans that include California State Standards.  Once you find a lesson plan you like you can add them to your library.  You can then add these lessons to your Lessonopoly calendar.
Once you have "listened" and explored the resources, it's time to "pay it forward".  There is very nice form within Lessonopoly that allows you to share your best lesson plans.  It's time to get "engaged" and share your knowledge.  That's how communities like these grow.
As with any community, the power of Lessonopoly is that you can connect globally with your peers.  Not only can you connect with individual teachers but you can join groups as well. Make sure to make those connections!

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