Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fire Up a Quick Meeting #edtech

At work today we needed an alternative to Adobe Connect to have a meeting and share a desktop.  We tried a Google + Hangout session and while it was really nice we couldn't figure out how to easily share a desktop.  So we had an opportunity to test a utility I've had on my list for some time called Meeting Burner.The best thing about Meeting Burner is that it's free.  The downside is it's not overly easy to figure out the controls (perhaps, it's because of the time restraints we were under).  It did a nice job of desktop sharing once we figured out how to switch control between attendees, had a nice chat feature and one of the best features was that you could use either call a number to enter the audio conversation or even Skype which seemed to work real well.  The one thing we couldn't figure out was how to control whose webcam was operating. Overall, I think Meeting Burner has some real potential and warrants more investigation.
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