Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Encourage Reading and Communication #edtech

Just when I started to struggle with this post a day project about a different Web 2.0 tool you can use to enhance your professional life or your classroom, along comes tonight's utility.  It has inspired me to plug through and keep this 365 project alive.
Readeo takes the reading and communication to another level for the younger student in your lives.  Basically, Readeo combines the power of ebooks with the communication benefits of Skype.  There is currently a very limited free version of the application (allowing access to featured books only) and a paid subscription is available for $10 a month (opening over 140 titles for viewing).  With either version, Readeo allows you to share a book with anyone in the world using a Skype-like interface.
The last time I was away for a conference, my kids had packed a book for me to read to them over Skype at night.  Readeo takes it a step further and allows the person reading the book to share the interface and turn the pages on the screen of the listener.  Readeo is a fantastic application for traveling parents, grandparents who don't get to visit often and especially educators who would like parents to drop in and read a book to the class.  What makes Readeo even more special in that regard is that the paid membership opens access to the library of books, but anyone with a free account can read for the members shelves.  Readeo's library is searchable by author and age range.  How can you see Readeo being used in your classroom? Would you like to see an educational version of this down the road?  You never know Readeo's CEO Coby Neuenschwander may just stumble upon this post and read your comments!
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