Saturday, August 13, 2011

Do you NOAA what I NOAA? #edtech

I missed another Friday Fun night post.  I had to take sometime for myself last night after an extremely long week.  So, today will be another double Saturday post.  Let's start with something that has always fascinated me and that's weather.  Had I not gone into education and technology, I probably would have gone into geology or meteorology. I love a good storm.  In fact, going on a storm chase with professional chasers is on my bucket list.  One of my favorite sections of the Chicago Tribune is the Ask Tom Skilling section, where people ask Tom about different types of weather and when specific events occurred.

That was a lot of back story for this post which is basically a search engine that you can use to search for information on previous storms in the US going back to the early and mid-50's.  Provided by the National Climactic Data Center in conjunction with NOAA, the Storm Event search engine allows you to search for information on weather varrying from waterspouts (who knew we had waterspouts in Illinois?) to your average wind storm.  The Storm Event search engine also let's you get very granular with your search with options for wind speed, hail size, damage estimates and deaths.  Storm Event is great for students conducting research and writing reports on weather events that may or may not have made the headlines.  Particularly since you know the source can be trusted.
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