Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Bird's Eye View #edtech

Earlier this year, I had a debate with a friend of mine about whether the local 9 hole golf course in town was once an 18 hole Country Club.  Our village doesn't have a historical society of note and nothing on the web showed results either way.  Until today, when I discovered Historic Arials. This site has arial views of the United States as far as the early 1930s.  While this is fantastic what makes it more impressive is the interactive nature of  Historic Arials.  Maybe you want to compare your neighborhood to what it looked like in 1966?  You can do so with Historic Arials overlay and slider features.  Once I pulled up our nine hole course and compared it to a few decades ago, sure enough 18 hole course! I won the debate!  But only a few years before that it was farmland.  Historic Arials is a fantastic application for social studies or earth science teacher to share with students what the world looked like long before they were born.  Historic Arials is an amazing site with limitless possibilities. One drawback is the watermark that they use to protect their data.  Of course, if you want to purchase your favorite images you can remove it.  Added bonus? Historic Arials have functions that teach survey skills.
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