Sunday, August 28, 2011

Be Safe Out There! #edtech

I spent my day with "Thomas the Train" and about a gazillion young children and I started thinking that this next generation of students is going to be more tech savvy than ever before.  I am so tired of the digital native / digital immigrant debates.  Here's the thing we are all in this together, right?  So, we have a responsibility, no matter our comfort level with technology to do our best to train students to be responsible digital citizens.  In fact, many states require a yearly refresher course for their students.
As I climb down off my soapbox, I want to tell you about an amazing site that can help you do just that.  Netsmartz is full of incredible resources for parents, law enforcement, educators, teens, tweens and kids.  Netsmartz has a multitude of pre-designed lesson plans, presentations, videos, quizes and games that can facilitate conversations.  And that's the key to raising responsible digital citizens is to talk about how to use technology responsibly.   Netsmartz is a site developed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children so you know the resources they provide can be trusted.   There's no better time than the beginning of the school year to start thinking about how you will help educate students on the importance of digital citizenship and Netsmartz can help you get there.
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