Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wondering About Wonderpage

One of the sessions I'm considering proposing for the ICE Conference 2012 (perhaps NETA) revolves around the idea of social bookmarking.  With Delicious being sold to AVOS a number of people have decided not to make the transition or have opened their eyes to alternatives like Diigo.  But there are a number of amazing options out there for social bookmarking and I could easily spend an hour debating the multitude of resources available.  One of these is Wonderpage.  As a visual person, Wonderpage is extremely appealing.  You simply add your links to folder structures you create and then when you browse those folders or search by tags you are given an instant thumbnail preview of the site.  Another interesting feature of Wonderpage is that you can subscribe to various "scouts". These are basically RSS feeds based on a tag (e.g. Technology) that streams information to you.  Wonderpage allows your bookmarks to be private if you so choose, but you take the social aspect of social bookmarking out of the equation when you do.  Wonderpage is one I am going to have to explore more in depth before I can truly recommend it, but it certainly has possibilities.
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