Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tynt Your Web Presence #edtech

I am always looking for more ways to drive traffic to Zenodotus.  Part of being a publisher on the web is understanding the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Part of SEO is how many people link to your content, otherwise known as a backlink.  But what if people just copy and past you content?  Not only are they breaking copyright, but also not providing attribution and hence no backlink.  Enter Tynt Publisher Tools.  Simply by placing some code in the header of your blog or website, Tynt now places custom code with anything that is copied from your site that includes a backlink to your page.  For example, if someone grabbed some text from my post on July 14th and pasted it to their own blog it may look something like this once Tynt is in play:  

"There are some pretty interesting features and I haven't fully explored the possibilities with MultiURL, but I'm sensing that they are plentiful.

Read more:"

Under Creative Commons License: 

As you can see Tynt not only does provide a back link but also allows you to include a Creative Commons license. (thus protecting your work).  Tynt has many other tools as well.  but those may be saved for a future post once I have had more time to explore.
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