Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tagging Outside the Network #edtech

Tonight's post I'm actually pretty excited about.  For years now it's been possible to tag photos in facebook and MySpace.  More recently Flickr has joined the tagging fray.  But until now it has been difficult at best to tag photos within blog posts.  Today, I found out about Thinglink.  This site provides code you can add to Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Other Platforms.  Besides being able to tag people, think about the other possibilitiesThinglink provides.  Maybe you tag a drawing of Jamestown with various bits of information for your history class or add notes to a diagram of a frog so your students know what to look for during a biology class dissection (there are still schools that do that right?)  Best of all if someone shares the image using the embed code provided with the image on your site, your tags go with it.  Take a look at the example I placed here of myself and Jim Bazianos grilling Greek Style in Athens during the 2004 Summer Olympics.
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