Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lacking Comments? #edtech

Today, I was privileged to drop in on a Google Camp and witness some of the great ideas that were blossoming. One question did arise concerning Google Sites: "How do we include comments on a Site page?"  Good question! Within sites there is a section for comments on a page.  But, only those with edit rights are able to leave comments (somewhat confusing, eh?)  So, I did a little research and came across an online application called htmlcommentbox.  This tool allows you to add a customized comment box to ANY page on the web (provided, you can embed code on the page) including Sites (provided you use the Code Wrapper Gadget).  What I really like about htmlcommentbox though is that you have control over who can leave comments.  Do you want it open to the Public? Do you want people to be able to post anonymously? Do you want to approve comments before they go live?  Need to have control over the ability to remove comments? htmlcommentbox gives you all that and much more.  You don't need to use code to use htmlcommentbox.  Just answer a few questions and the code is created for you to then copy and paste to your web page's html code area.  Too caveats to htmlcommentbox.  If you want to moderate comments you will need to associate your email address to the code.  Not sure just how secure that is.  Additionally, if you want to remove the plug for htmlcommentbox from your comment section it will cost you all of a $5 donation. If you're looking for a way to make comments happen easily on a page that doesn't allow comments; then, htmlcommentbox is for you.
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