Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Du...Tu you? #edtech

O.K., so the title was a stretch, but since I'll be telling you about myUdutu in tonight's post I thought it was creative. Before I get into the description though I wanted to touch on the writer's block I was having last night.  Up until this point I have been trying my best to share Web 2.0 utilities I have actual real world experience with.  I'm now struggling to find more.  With this 365 project half done, I figured this may be the appropriate time to switch it up.  So the second half of the year will be based on sites I don't have much experience with.  We will learn together.  Again, please be sure to share sites you would like to see reviewed here or if you would like to write a guest post for please contact me so we can work that out!
Now, for the featured site of the night.  myUdutu is a utility that I have seen in the past on my journey's through Cyberspace but never bothered to stop and look at until tonight.  myUdutu is course authoring software that is completely hosted in the cloud.  Supporting all types of media, myUdutu allows you to create presentations that become enagaging interactive online learning experiences.  Creating these presentations seems easy enough.  You are given a number of different templates to work with including basic screens, assessment screens, advanced screens, groups (to keep your content organized), scenarios and even an option for uploading powerpoints.  Each format has a number of options and layouts available.  I may have to use myUdutu to create the content for an upcoming project I have in the fall and report back once I have more experience with it.
One caveat, online hosting is not free.  You can offload the files in a zipped format and upload them to your own server.  There is an option to save the projects at myUdutu for free if you don't mind the watermark.  Otherwise they do have online subscription services starting at $19.95 a month.  I do wish they had a cheaper option for educators.  But as always, you get what you pay for and myUdutu looks like it holds value.
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