Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't Clean This Spot #edtech

You won't want to ignore this post, because it contains a special invitation to Spotify!  Normally, I only post about utilities that are purely online and don't require any downloads to use.  But recently there has been a rash of new online music utilities including Google Music, the upcoming iCloud from Apple, and now Spotify has landed in the US! Spotify not only allows you to search online and play almost any full album you can think of, but like ICloud and Google Music you can also upload your own library, make playlists and share with the social aspect all within the free version.  There are also two additional tiers of subscription services one at $4.99 a month and another at $9.99 each with additional services (you get what you pay for). While Spotify has been in Europe for some time, it is currently open to US residents who have received an invitation.  Lucky for you, you are reading this post and have a Klout (if you don't simply sign in with Twitter or Facebook) account, you should be able to follow this link to get your invitation code:
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