Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do They Really Like You? #edtech

Who can ever forget Sally Field's "You Really Like Me" speech?  But who really remembers what the award was for? Your tweets can be much the same on Twitter.  Full of flair, but if there is no substance, there is no value.  So how do you know if what your sharing has credible value?  You can see who has favorited your tweets by using Favstar.fm.  By simply typing your user ID into their search engine, the site will show you your most popular updates based on who has favorited them.  So, while you may often be retweeted on Twitter, it's those updates that people favorite are what will truly add value and be remembered.  You may be surprised by who has been paying attention to your timeline if you search for yourself on Favstar.fm.  So, do they really like you?!
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