Saturday, July 30, 2011

Did You Get the Notes? #edtech

I'm noit sure how tonight's post will be looked upon.  But it's a utility I wish I had in High School called MySchoolHelp.  Basically, it allows students to upload files that include notes taken from class.  This is an interesting form of collaboration.  Not quite a Google Doc since it's not shared and edited by multiple users, but more a repository of documents that students create during the year.  So now if students are uploading notes from class, a student who was absent can simply go to MySchoolHelp and find the necessary information.  On the flipside, this would seem like a great way for a teacher to review the students notes and gain a sense of the understanding happening in class. Very helpful for the paperless classroom model as well.  If everyone is taking notes and uploading them to MySchoolHelp, there is no need for those dreaded spiral bound notebooks.  Sure, you could create and share a collection of files in Google Docs.  But MySchoolHelp seems to make the files a little more public and accessible.  I'd be interested on your take of MySchoolHelp  Please feel free to drop a comment.
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