Saturday, July 23, 2011

Content Creation for Kids #edtech

We talk about digital natives a lot.  I'm not a huge fan of the term particularly since we are truly now close to 40 years of individuals who have grown up with technology.  But, I think the real difference with this generation of digital learners is that they have more resource at hand to become content creators.  Unfortunately, they don;t always have a safe outlet for that content.  YouTube and Facebook tend to expose young people to  a world full of harsh cynics and critics.  KidsTube appears to be a safe alternative.  While not surprisingly many of the clips on KidsTube are related to video games there is also a growing Educational section (currently with 780 videos). Most of the videos uploaded to KidsTube are by kids for kids and it appears to be a safe alternative to YouTube which is also blocked in most schools. I also like the rules they lay out.  Certainly worth a look.
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