Friday, July 8, 2011

Adieu to Wonder Wheel #edtech

An amazing thing seems to happen with Google.  They have so many features and extras that sometimes they disappear without notice.  Such was the fate of Wonder Wheel this week.  Wonder Wheel allowed you to do what I like to call tag cloud searching.  You would perform a standard search and then turn on the wheel for some magic. Suddenly a tag cloud would appear around your search topic with related key words and the process would continue as you selected the key words. It was a real nice way to perform some deep dive searches.
As I always say once you build a skillset, you now can apply it with other tools.  Enter DuckDuckGo.  While certainly not as powerful as the dominant Google, DuckDuckGo does have some interesting features.  Among them is a column off to the right called search ideas.  Simply clicking one of these tags, changes your search results.  DuckDuckGo also has a safe search option and it seems to work well.  However, if you turn it off the internet does open up, you've been properly warned.  Additionally, you can give  DuckDuckGo's !bang feature a try allowing you to search hundreds of other search engines directly.  DuckDuckGo also has a very interesting explanation of one of my most recent pet peeves known as "filter bubbles".  With a number of syntax and goodies DuckDuckGo is definitely worth a try (and you can do so directly from this post by using the widget below)

DuckDuckGo logo
DuckDuckGo is a search engine that protects privacy and has lots of features.
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