Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where Will You GoGo #edtech

I'm always on the lookout for kid friendly research tools.  I firmly believe that the younger you start students conducting effective research, the better off the will be. But, I'm not a fan of throwing them into the deep end with Bing or Google.  It's best if students learn what good information looks like on the web.  GoGoNews is a great place to start.  Based on a concept of inquiry learning students can search for various topics and find web articles that are relevant and safe.  I'm not sure exactly where the articles in GoGoNews come from but the information seems to be accurate and unbiased.  It almost seems like the staff at GoGoNews is writing the articles and if that is the case, they are indeed a busy bunch.   In a difficult world of "scary" news, GoGoNews makes it safe for younger students and is a great jumping off point for research and discussion.
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