Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Do I Do with All This Stuff? #edtech

So, my daughter comes home today with a grocery bag full of all the work she did in school this year. Hundreds of projects.  I don't have the wall space to display all these pieces of paper! So, I've spent the last few hours looking for a digital portfolio that I can use to preserve and display her work.  I'm glad her teacher sent all of it home to be honest because there are some priceless pieces that I know she will cherish when she is an adult and to be quite honest by that time any digital repository might not survive!
But I digress, of the sites I found tonight the best of the best in my opinion appears to be Bleidu.  While definitely not for elementary artwork/projects, Bleidu looks like a great option for High School or College students and beyond.  Whatever kind of artist you are Bleidu provides what appears to be unlimited upload of images into ay number of Galleries.  Looks like a real nice way to organize your images.  You can select from 3 themes for you galleries as well, including, Lightbox, Pretty Picture and Shadowbox.  They all end up looking extremely professional.  Additionally, you can write a portfolio intro and an about me and contact page.  So, for those students looking to put together an amazing art portfolio. Bleidu just might be the way to go.
Bonus: I now have a TON of options for art portfolio building.
Cry for help: If you know of more dynamic portfolio options on the web that also allow uploading text files, pdfs, etc - to build a true student portfolio - let me know by adding it in the comment section and I'll be sure to review.
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