Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Team Up for Success #edtech

If you read my last post about the PBL4PD Project I am working on for next year, you know I plan on having teachers working in teams, meeting deadlines and achieving milestones.  While there are ways to monitor the process with an application like Manymoon, such an application may be too feature rich and complicate for the needs of this project.  So, I am looking at alternatives such as MyTeamness with gives team members a way to create tasks, generate milestones, share messages, work collaboratively on an online white board, achieve milestones and post files.  The free version of MyTeamness allows up to 30 people to be invited to the project.  Not sure yet, if MyTeamness is what I will use to manage the PBL4PD project, but it is definitely in the running.
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