Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sophia is Simply Brilliant #edtech

I can sum up tonight's utility in one word - Brilliant! ( I apologize if the link is not hot as I am writing this post from my phone at a birthday party). I also won't be giving a very detailed description because there is way to much to say about this site to do it justice. You just need to go and explore on your own. Whether you are a teacher, student or parent you will find a use for Basically, the site is full of learning packets that include lessons and videos. Additionally, each packet includes a tab for Q&A and ratings. It's a tool that they claim can help you develop a "flipped classroom". From what I know about the flipped classroom, I'm not sure if that's 100% accurate. What's most intriguing about is that you can sign up to be a " Sophia Academic Reviewer and reviewing published learning packets so that high quality content rises to the top.". definitely fits the idea that it takes a village to educate our children. Well, that:s all I have tonight. Be sure you leave a comment after viewing I'd love to hear your thoughts (particularly if you are already using it).

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