Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reach Your Goals #edtech

Sometime ago I posted about Goalst.  I set up a list of goals I wanted to reach and with 29 days left, I haven't reached one.  Why?  Probably, beause there was no reminder feature.  Which meant I would have had to visit the site of my own volition to check on my goals.  As busy as my life is, that wasn't happening.  But I'm not one to give up and have been extremely impressed by the features of goalforit.  Goalforit is feature rich and offers goal setting, chore charts, behavior charts, to do lists and more.  Of course it offers you reminder options (daily, weekly or monthly), you can make it your own with themes, and you can make your goal lists public or private.  This site is impressive and I can see many applications beyond goal setting. The Chore chart has two seperate types, one for kids and the other for teens and tweens (of course it would probably work for honeydo lists as well - just don't tell my wife)!  The behavior charts would work great for special ed programs that require behavior IEPs.  Each of these types of lists can have days of the week set for each goal, as well as, point setting for achieving milestones.  When you complete a task you can check it off or add a cute icon.  This is then added to a calendar for that specific task. You can also add friends and family or just meet new friends who have similar goals to help you stay motivated and on task.  Hopefully, this site will do just that for me and I strongly encourage you to check out Goalforit for yourself.
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