Monday, June 20, 2011

Not Quite a Flash Mob #edtech

Always been a fan of the Flash Mob concept.  Always fun.  But tonight I want to tell you about MicroMobs.  .It's a great way to stay connected with different groups with microblog like communication.  MicroMobs allows you to set up private groups.  Within those small micro communities, you can stay in touch with the people in your mob.  While they encourage small bursts of communication, I'm not sure what the limit is.  Definately over 140 characters.  You can add images and links to your  MicroMobs posts.  You can also add people by forwarding email threads to, if you trust them enough to do so.   MicroMobs claims to take those threads and turn them into posts.  Personally, I wouldn't submit in this way. There is also a mobile app.  MicroMobs seems like a great way to communicate with your students or to collaborate with your peers inside a walled garden.
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