Saturday, June 4, 2011

Is Zenodotus Worth My Time? #edtech

Apparently not a whole lot, if you trust what Sitetrail tells you.  I am fully engrossed in the process of building a public presence on the web. Both through building a strong PLN and through the 365 project on this blog.  Every night, like it or not, I diligently make sure to share a Web 2.0 utility with you.  If you note the Quantcast information, you'll not I get over 100 US readers per month.and close to 200 international viewers. Maybe i'm doing something right.  But, if your a blogger like me, you probably often wonder; "Is it worth it?" Well, Sitetrail can help you with that.  Simply head to Sitetrail and click the analysis link. Type in your blog or any website for that matter and you will get more information about tht site than you probably ever wanted to know.  Not only will you get social media analysis (showing how many times the site has been listed at a variety of social bookmarking and social media outlets)., but you'll get the rank of various search engines (A.K.A. SEO Analysis), content analysis (showing the most used keywords) and link analysis.  Finally they will give you the value of the site in question should you try to sell it today.  My result? $103 dollars?! 28 cents a day for the amount of work I put into this? Really?!

Don't worry, I don't plan to stop the 365 project in it's tracks.  Instead I will revitalize my efforts to drive more traffic to this blog and continue to reach as many of you as I can!
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