Friday, June 10, 2011

COPPA Compliant Email #edtech

OK, I'll admit it.  Friday fun night is a bit of a cop out.  By the time Friday evening rolls around, I'm typically exhausted and it's easy to find free, fun educational games to share with my readers.  They seem to be everywhere.  But tonight, I want to talk about something a bit more serious.  At a younger and younger age children are being exposed to technology.  The earlier we can start to educate them and teach digital citizenship the better off they will be.  However, we want them to be safe at the same time.  And ZillaDog can help teachers and parents do just that.  Basically it is a COPPA compliant free email system that is filtered and well protected They also have some fun games and links to age appropriate websites on their home page.  They suggest that children as young as 6 can use the site.  The free version allows each account to have five "buddies" to whom they can send e-mail.  From what I can tell, parents receive parallel accounts and are Carbon Copied on all e-mails.  The chat room is also restricted to the buddies associated with the account.  Multiple children?  No problem you can monitor their activity from the same account.  So, if you'll be working with young children this summer, you might want to review ZillaDog.

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