Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What? You Want a Private Place to Write? #edtech

As public as I allow my life to be, there are times when I want to write things down that are either in draft form or simply private - and that's OK.  So, do I write them down in an old composition notebook?  Sometimes.  But recently, I've been using a site called Penzu?  Why? Simple. I can loose a composition book.  I can't loose the Internet.  The free version allows me to write posts to my online notebook. Additionally, there are writing prompts to help you if you get a case of writer's block.  It also auto saves for you).  You can also configure Penzu to send you reminders to write. The free version is fairly bare bones.  Of course, simplicity can be good.  All of your posts are instantly privat, but you have the option to share them if you so choose.  But, if you need all the bells and whistles Penzu Pro which includes an app for your smart phone, encrypt your posts, customize the look of your journal, export your writings in multiple formats, create multiple journals, import writings from "an XML file, RSS feed, or import directly from your Live Journal account", and even post via e-mail or a mobile phone app.  All that and more for $19 a year.  This may be a Web 2.0 that provides enough value that a pro account would be worth it.  If you use the link in this post to Penzu Pro, you get an extra 20% off and all proceeds apparently "are donated to global charities
that improve literacy."   So why not give Penzu or even Penzu Pro a try?
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