Sunday, May 29, 2011

Subtitle Your Videos #edtech

A few months ago, I told you about Dotsub.  But, I am a firm believer in alternatives..  And tonight's post about Overstream is certainly a leap of faith since I am still waiting for my confirmation email.  But the site looks like it works well for creating subtitles for videos you can find at "YouTubeGoogle VideoMySpace and" .  That's what seems to make it unique.  While DotSub worked with videos that you and others uploaded, Overstream allows you to subtitle videos from themore popular video hosting sites - Opening a whole new world of opportunities.  I can see this being used not only for ESL but for struggling readers as well.  Now, if I could just get that confirmation e-mail I could confirm it.  Of course, knowing me it's my own fault and I misspelled my own e-mail address again (I'm down to one eye - with an eye infection)
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