Monday, May 16, 2011

Say What? #edtech

It's been a while since I posted about a Web 2.0 for language learning.  So tonight, I'm excited to tell you about Lingro.  They have a fairly standard translation dictionary that allows you to translate from English to a number of other languages and vice versa.  What I really like about the translations is that for many of the words there is also an audio file associated, so you actually get to hear the word as well.  Their dictionaries are also open content and will be free forever under a creative commons license.  You can also add to the translations.  But that isn't even the great part about this site.
If you've ever tried to learn a foreign language, you may have found (like I) that reading in a foreign language is much more difficult than learning to speak it.  One thing I often like to do is play a DVD with foreign language subtitles on so I can try and read along in that language while listening to the English audio track.  Lingro akes this an amazing step further.  When you first arrive on their home page they give you the opportunity to apply their dictionaries to any web page.  Basically, when you put in a website and select the translation direction you would like, any word on the page can be clicked on and translated with the definition.  It's hard to explain, you just have to try it.  Bonus?  Do you ned more reasons? What if I told you each word you click on gets added to a word list for you to later review?  Still need one more reason to  give Lingro a try? Those word lists can be turned into flash cards?  Are you still reading this post?  Why aren't you visiting Lingro?
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