Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quizes and Now Stories in a Flash #edtech

I've been touting a site called Quibblo as a 3rd party quiz making Twitter App for some time.  But in reality, it is much more than that.  In fact the ability to "tweet" out your quiz is only a small part of Quibblo.  It's a very powerful way to build and give quizzes online.  You can also build polls and surveys. That alone was worth sharing the site in this post tonight.  But when I revisited the site to prepare the word you are currently reading, I almost fell off my chair!I don't know when they did this or if I've just missed it all along but they have a story feature.  You can write your own story online.  Work collaboratively with a group of authors you know to write a story.  And in my opinion, most powerful, are the chain stories.  Writing with complete strangers to complete a finished product is a fantastic writing exercise.  I can't really do Quibblo justice in just a few words.  Make sure you spend a few minutes on their site and judge for yourself.
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