Sunday, May 22, 2011

Present Me #edtech

I didn't get creative with tonight's post.  Namely because I think is impressive enough on it's own.  This is another one of those sites that I have not had time to explore but am going on the faith of the potential I see here. Yesterday, I had the honor and privilege to be involved with Ed Camp Chicago. Some of the greatest minds in education converged on Stevenson High School in Licolnshire, IL to discuss all things related to education (and some technology).  More on that in a future post.
One of the groups that developed decided to have a Web Site Smackdown!  This was one of these times that I wish I could have split myself in two, since I was in another session.  But apparently one of the sites that came up was  So I decided to take a look at it today.  And I think this fits right into the Flipped Classroom model.  Basically it provide you the ability to create a two-paned presentation.  On one side is your slides full of valuable information.  On the other is your recorded presentation or lecture.  Currently their free version only allows 15 minute presentations.  But, it's a start. Remember that Edtech is about learning a skillset.  Once you learn with, you just may come up with an alternative method of presenting that better suits your needs.
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