Friday, May 13, 2011

The Post That Should Have Been #edtech

The Blogger outage prevented me from putting this post up last night.

Well, if Blogger ever decides to come back to life tonight's post will be about Lost somewhere in between a Google Doc and a Wiki, Plotbot is a rather interesting collaborative screenwriting application. Very simple in it's nature, Plotbot gives you an interesting way to start creating your own storylines for later video production.  You can create your own scripts, invite others to work on an idea collaboratively, or even find and join other projects on which to work (known as a showdown). What is nice about Plotbot, is that you can see who has added what to the project and even make comments for the collaborators to see.  Formatting, is the key to Plotbot.  Depending on whether you choose action, dialogue, slugline, transition or shot, your text will be indented and highlighted differently.  You can choose to make your work public or private.  So wether your writing the next great epic or mearly a class play or vodcast, Plotbot might be worth a visit.
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