Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Your Life Yo' #edtech

It's not often that I am drooling for the chance to work with a new Web 2.0 utility.  But, that is the case tonight.  I am currently sitting at the NICE (Northern Illinois Computing Educators) meeting and was perusing Web 2.0 utilities that have recently hit the horizon - scanning for what I would write about next.  And lo in behold LifeYo popped it's had up and screamed "choose me!"  LifeYo is very similar to Weebly.  It allows you to build your own website with a simple template/widget based system.  From what I can tell, it is somewhere between Wetpaint and Weebly.  I'm impressed with the number of plug-ins that are available - including Google Maps! Everything is drag and drop and re-sizable once you put it there.  If you have HTML code that you need to insert you can do that as well.  There is way too much to describe here in this post.  Follow me on Twitter @JMGubbins because if I have the time in the busy weekend coming up I will do a UStream covering this site and will post the link on Twitter.
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