Saturday, May 14, 2011

It Took 150 Years to Create This Post #edtech

Blogger's outage really messed with my 365 project this week.  That being said you will be rewarded, dear reader, with a double post today!  The first is what should have been the Friday's post.  I'm a huge fan of American Pickers on the History Channel.  If you have watched the show recently, you know Mike and Frank have been asking you to donate $1.50 to save lands that were a part of the Civil War.  But History channel doesn't stop there.  They have an amazing series of "interactives" (which are more like infographics) that cover everything from the technology of the civil war, to culture and battlefields and even have video and audio for much of the content. I'm always about differentiating the learning and History has done a great job with their humongous database of information at their Civil War 150 page.  Probably best for older students as the information is very detailed.

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