Friday, May 6, 2011

I Post in Peace #edtech

It Friday Fun night here at Zenodotus.  And while most of the time the sites mentioned here will be geared more toward elementary age students.  I found a site tonight that you likely wouldn't think would have fun, educational applications on it. has an absolutely amazing educational section with 46 "productions" (29 of which are interactive learning games). I actually stumbled upon this site earlier this week. The games on this site are more educational then they are games (surprise, surprise)! But they get you involved in the learning process.  You really have to have read the information found throughout their site in order to answer the questions in most of the productions accurately. You actually have to learn to succeed!  I must warn you, if you venture into this site and start to explore, give yourself a few hours!  I would recommend this site for age 10-110!  Depending on the "production" you choose some of the vocabulary may be beyond younger students.  Of course there's the rest of to explore as well.
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