Monday, May 9, 2011

Back Out of the Saddle #edtech

Tonight's post is going to be extremely quick as I wrenched my back and am in incredible pain.  Need to get horizontal in a hurry.  So my good friend Jon Orech put a call out on Twitter for a way to download youtube videos as a .wmv.  As you may have read in a previous post, only allows for download of flv and mp4 files.  I discovered that if you download the flv and simply rename the flv extension as wmv it works.   However, Michelle Baldwin really came to the rescue with tonight's utility: I'm going to let you explore it on your own.  But what I really like is that you can convert audio, video,images, documents, ebooks, archive and even hash tags into many different formats on the fly.  no waiting for a link to come via e-mail to download the file.  OK, that's it all the steam I have for tonight.  Thanks to my PLN for providing tonight's utility.  Off to bed.
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