Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Video Worth Watching #edtech

Let me start tonight by saying I am disappointed.  I was going to tell you about a site called tonight, but unfortunately the site has been suspended.  I'm hoping it's because it was getting too much traffic and not because it wasn't supported.  So, what was it? was a collection of lecture videos from professors and teachers that were donated globally to the website.  What made this site special?  It was put together by an 18 year old student who was working on his equivalence exam and realized the power of knowledge sharing on the web and developed a site dedicated to the process.

What this site did however was spark my interest in a  number of similar sites and one will be tonight's topic.  LearnersTV provides lectures on a wide range of various subjects. Everything from Physiology to Law to Dentistry! And I'm not just talking about a few minute clip that you find on YouTube.  These are 20 to 60 minute videos in their original format.  They are nicely organized as well.  Additionally, they have interactive animations, lecture notes and even access to trade magazine and technical documents.  Think you really learned something take the online tests (more like final exams)! LearnersTV is a fantastic way to catch up on the subject matter that you teach and for your students an even better way to explore what they want to major in when they get to college.  Best part? Everything is released under the Fair Use Doctrine!

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