Monday, April 18, 2011

Twitter Lists Made Easy #edtech

I recently added Formulists to my presentation about using Twitter for Professional Development.  Lists are a great way to track a specific group of users or a hashtag. But honestly, I've never included them in my presentations about Twitter because they have traditionally been a pain in the neck to deal with!  Formulists changes all that.  With a number of different categories for list creation including "Organize Your Network, Expand Your Network, Track Followers, Strengthen Social Ties and Customize Existing Lists" (and all the subcategories), Formulists is the most efficient way to deal with your Twitter feeds and filter out the "noise".  The only drawback for me is that it only allows two lists at a time unless you go pro or get some friends to sign up which then allows you more lists. There's really too much here for a quick blog post, maybe I'll do a episode about it soon.
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