Saturday, April 2, 2011

That Profile's a Fake #edtech

Recently, I had a teacher I work with ask if there was a website that would allow a student to pretend to be a historical figure or a character from a book and create a "Facebook" type page where they could post information as that individual.  Now being the huge fan of Twitter that I am this was my first inclination.  However, the teacher did not want the information to be public.  I thought about maybe using or even Google sites because both those application have ways to lock down the information and wall the garden.  Then Viki Davis (@coolcatteacher) came to the rescue today with a post on Twitter about Fakebook! Normally, this utility would never make it into my 365 project because I wouldn't have seen much purpose.  I would normally look at it as a fun web toy rather than an academic tool.  But I think it will actually fit this teachers needs perfectly.  It requires no sign up, is relatively private and is very easy to use.  Fakebook is brought to us by the fine folks at You simply click the link to enter a name (when you do it will automatically generate an appropriate avatar or you can upload your own), then when you edit the profile you can enter information about the character or historical figure similar to the way you would on Facebook.  You can add posts and select friends.  You can also grab some embed code to put it on a blog or wiki.  If you want to add more to it later or share the profile with the world simply click save and copy out the link (you'll be prompted for a password to keep the page secure and make sure you are the only one able to edit it).  You must add at least one friend a post and profile information in order to save the page for later,  What a great tool to investigate the character you wish to portray and learn how to be a responsible digital citizen all at the same time!  You can even leave comments as supposed friends would do and even include movies from youtube!  There's some real potential here!
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