Sunday, April 17, 2011

Take a Kid to the Symphony?! #edtech

I just had an amazing experience. While looking for tonight's post, I stumbled upon SFS kids.  This site is put together by the San Fransisco Symphony and is designed to allow young children to start exploring classical music! How powerful is it? It tore my youngest child away from the TV!  I started exploring the site and it started playing music and the next thing I knew a half hour had gone by as we explored different instruments and the sounds the make.  There is a radio station that plays some of the more popular classical pieces.  But this site doesn't stop there.  There are all kinds of learning activities within the "music lab" that teach tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony and other technical components of classical music.  Some of it definitely needs the guidance of a parent for the youngest children to benefit, but I have a feeling that's part of the site's intent.  While it does feel a little like an online toy, it is a great introduction to the world of classical music.
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