Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rhyming in April #edtech

Tonight's post is going to be.
Very fast as you will see.
Because when done -
I'm watching Tron Legacy

OK, that was awful! But, April is national poetry month and in it's honor I want to share a site with you called RhymeZone.  It's basically a search engine that helps you find - you guessed it - rhyming words.  Additionally there is a drop down menu that also allows you to search near rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, realted words, similar sounding words, homophones, match consonants only, match included letters, check spelling, search in pictures, quotations or even Shakespeare! Whew! That was a mouthful! Some of the searches actually take you to other engines (e.g., pictures will use http://www.picsearch.com) but for the most part RhymeZone seems to use it's own database.  It's a great place to help overcome writer's block - something I didn't know I struggled with until I started this 365 project!

Oh well, time to watch Tron! So excited, I got the last special edition copy from the five Best Buy stores in my area! Can you tell I'm a true geek?!
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