Friday, April 1, 2011

Revish Your Books

I had intended to share a site tonight that would allow you to build book collections online, share and review what you are reading and even create groups for discussion.  That site was Shelfari. I had a very old shelfari account (guess I haven't picked up a printed book for awhile) and was not aware that they had sold out to Amazon some years ago - silly me.  So, I have spent the last few hours looking for an alternative - not that theirs anything wrong with Amazon but if a teacher is looking for a way to hold meaningful book discussions, my guess is they would not want to have to have their students first sign up for an Amazon account.
So, I present to you Revish.  It has a number of the same features of Shelfari.  A reader can mark books they plan to read, books currently being read, as well as create a list of books read in the past.  They can write reviews (Revish has guidelines and expectations to avoid basic one line reviews) and mark books as favorites.  What I really like about this site however, is the ability to create groups for class discussion and keep them private if you so desire.  One thing I don't like about the site is their revenue model.  They are fully supported by Google Adsense.  Fundamentally, I don't have an issue with Adsense provided it is neatly designed.  Unfortunately, the way Revish lays out the ads makes the site somewhat difficult to navigate.
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