Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Power of Someone Else's Words

I often find myself enhancing presentations that I do by quoting others to make a point.  It helps to create a feeling or theme to a slide that I otherwise would not be able to achieve.  It can also help me get over hurdles when I hit a creative wall.  Sometimes those quotes are eventually taken out all-together; however, adding those quotes can inspire the thought process.  So, the question is where do I find quotes?  Twitter is a great place to start.  Searching by keyword I often find exactly what I'm looking for from some unknown person in the Twittersphere.  When I'm looking for something that really packs a punch I turn to a site called Thinkexist.  There I can search by keyword, topic or author and typically will find something in a matter of seconds.  If you do end up using a quote in your presentations, please don't forget to provide attribution.  Also, make sure you make sure to cross reference the quote.  The last thing you need is someone who is an expert on the person you are quoting to call you out in the middle of a presentation!  There are other sources out there for finding quotes and you will find them posted here throughout the rest of the year.
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