Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have You Been Carded? #edtech

Twitter has been an amazing resource for suggestions for this blog lately (whether the people I follow realize this or not). Shannon Keehner (@CRBusiness) was either in some kind of training, attending a session at a conference or simply on sharing frenzy today because a swarm of marvelous applications were appearing in her Twitter timeline.  Shannon I must admit, I have no idea what the hashtags   stand for (please enlighten me). I Re-Tweeted a number that intrigued me.  Among them was a site called WikiCards   This appears to be a hybrid of one of the many "corkboard" apps that are out there mixed with a wiki.  Plan and simple You can create projects and add sticky cards to them.  Very similar to Wallwisher.  What makes WikiCards unique?  For starters you can add tags allowing you to search through your cards and make their organization simple (maybe assign groups of students to certain cards).  Additionally, you can upload any file to attach to cards.  It doesn't have to be linked to but simply attached.  You get to invite who you want to the wikicard site allowing you to wall the garden if you like.  Finally, the card groups you create are available for browsing on many smart phones.  The few moments I have spent at WikiCards has really impressed me.  How would you use this interesting tool?
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