Monday, April 11, 2011

Freebasing #edtech

Another quick post, since I'm not feeling well tonight. Tonight's utility is another Web 3.0 search engine based on a Google Refine backbone. It's called and worth looking at and I promise to tell you more about it tomorrow.

*Update as promised. As I said in a recent post, life has a way of getting complicated which is making it harder and harder to keep up with this project - but I will continue to do my best. So, what is Freebase?  It's a search engine based on entity graphs which basically take a group of  subjects and put them together and graph different aspects such as number of topics, members in the group or number of topics.  That's on the surface though.  Once you actually start searching topics, you find out that this search engine is Wikipedia on steroids. Everything is very nicely interconnected. Much like Wikipedia, the information is edited and compiled by experts and in fact a lot of information seems to be pulled from Wikipedia.  I really need more time to explore the site, but I really like the clean interface and ease of finding information.

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