Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Knowledge Is a Good Thing #edtech

OK, so you've bought an IPAD, a Kindle, a Nook or maybe just want to use your smart phone as an e-reader; but, you don't want to spend a fortune on books purchased on the web. Where do you turn? How about the Gutenberg Project? This site has been around since before the first e-reader or even the thought of Google Books and was produced as a "volunteer effort to digitize, archive, and distribute cultural work" for free.  How do they do this? All of the works distributed through the Gutenberg Project are in the public domain.  There are now over 33,000 books available to read on your favorite device.  But it doesn't stop there. They also have audiobooks and digitized sheet music.  The have a very large database of FAQs that explain much more about the site than I ever could.  If you have some time this weekend, I highly suggest you check out there database!
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