Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fi Fo Phylum #edtech

As you can probably tell tonight's post is for the science teachers out there.  It's an interesting database application called ARKive brought to us by the fine folks at Wildscreen.  I am pretty impressed with this massive database.  You can search by keyword, species or geographic location for just about any animal on the planet and find not only your typical facts on the species, but also some amazing videos and photos. For example had you ever heard of Abbot's duiker? Probably not because it is an elusive nocturnal animal that roams the forest's of Africa.  See the great video below that I am sharing via the embed code provided on their site.  What I really like abot ARKive though is how nicely they provide attribution for the photos and videos and site the reference information in their descriptions.  This makes it very easy for your students to practice proper attribution when collecting information for reports and presentations.  I have just scratched the surface of their offerings,  For example, some animals have images shared on Flickr associated with their pages.  And the fun doesn't stop there.  You can also search plant life at ARKive as well.  If I had one suggestion it would be to be able to search a little more granularly by location.  For example, in the US you cannot search by state.  Perhaps a Google map mashup is in order?

ARKive video - Abbott's duiker - overview

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